Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pentair Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners offer the best combination of cleaning performance, simplicity, convenience, and long-term reliability. We offer the broadest line of pressure side, suction side and robotic cleaners in the world so no matter your cleaning challenge or budget, there’s always one right for your pool.
KREEPY KRAULY Inground Pool Cleaner Suction SideKreepy Krauly® cleans with greater vacuuming power than other cleaners. Proven in over 1,500,000 pools worldwide, Kreepy Krauly®’s wider intake and modified Flapper picks up larger debris. Models available for gunite pools and for vinyl/fiberglass/tile pools.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


LEAF TRAP Automatic Pool Cleaner Accessories

Rainbow Snap Open Leaf Trap captures large amounts of leaves, twig, rocks and other debris before it reaches your skimmer or pump basket
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


EZ VAC Above Ground Pool Cleaner Suction Side

The easy way to keep your aboveground pool clean. E-Z Vac® is designed with the same reliability that has made the Kreepy Krauly inground cleaner the number one choice of pool owners and pool professionals worldwide. The E-Z Vac® vacuums dirt and debris from your pool just like a hand vacuum does. The difference is E-Z Vac® works automatically.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


LIL SHARK Above Ground Pool Cleaner Suction Side

The ‘Lil Shark™ above ground pool cleaner has proven reliability and superior cleaning power due to its bristle footpad and patented vortex design.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


KREEPY KRAULY LEGEND II Inground Pool Cleaner Pressure Side

The most advanced energy efficient automatic pressure-side pool cleaner in the industry. Double jet driven with a large heavy duty capacity bag providing the strongest vacuuming action available. No booster pump required.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

KREEPY KRAULY PLATINUM Inground Pool Cleaner Pressure Side

The most powerful pressure-side pool cleaner available for fast action and effective cleaning.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


KREEPY KRAULY LEGEND Inground Pool Cleaner Pressure Side

The Legend® keeps your pool clean with its pressure-side cleaning design. The innovative unique twist lock bag, and special debris channel provide stronger action for cleaning ease.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products


UNIVERSAL BOOSTER Inground Pool Cleaner Booster Pump

Combines ultimate performance with maximum efficiency for pressure-side pool cleaner ease.
Manufacturer : Pentair Pool Products

Automatic pool cleaners allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. There are new technologies that help clean your pool more effectively, efficiently and with less effort. Automatic pool cleaners offer the best combination of cleaning performance, simplicity, convenience and long-term reliability. No matter whether its pressure side, suction side or robotic we have an automatic pool cleaner to meet your needs and your budget.

With Hayward Your Pool is Clean

Every pool needs cleaning on a regular basis, not only for appearances and sanitation but to protect the investment you have made in your backyard oasis. That is why Hayward is committed to developing new technologies that help you clean your pool more effectively, efficiently and with less effort. Our line of pool cleaners is recognized for its superior cleaning performance and ability to maximize efficiency. We are also very attentive to the homeowners interaction with our cleaners and design our products to make installation and maintenance simple. So whether you’re building a new pool, or replacing an existing pool cleaner, Hayward offers cleaners that are engineered to provide you with quick and efficient cleaning.